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Kitty Hotel with experienced groomer offer expert cat grooming for all breed and local cats.

Our cat grooming and cat boarding place was created with the comfort, safety and fun of your pets in mind.

We provide the best grooming services at Kuala Lumpur because we love cats, we have well trained and professional staff and we do our best for your lovely cat.

Cat Grooming Salon

We have a wide variety of grooming products and shampoos on hand including medicated, skin, and flea remover.Our grooming staff keeps a record of each visit and sends a detailed report home after each grooming.

Basic Grooming Package
RM 28-RM 32 (kitten)
RM 40 (adult-short hair)
RM 50 (adult-long hair)

Grooming Services Included:

  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Bath With Specially Formulated Shampoo
  • Brush Out
  • Blow Dry

Duration of Grooming > 2 Hours 

*Special Offer:  10 % Discount For 6 Sessions

anti-flea used on persian cat

Fleas Treatment Package
RM 45 (kitten)
RM 53 (adult-short hair)
RM 63 (adult-long hair)

Grooming Services included:

  • Basic Groom
  • Bath With Anti-Flea Shampoo
  • Optional: Treat With Anti-Flea Medicine (Drop On Neck)- Additional Charges Depend On Medicine Brand

Duration of Grooming > 2.5 Hours

*Special Offer:  10 % Discount For 6 Sessions

Fungus Treatment Package
RM 47 (kitten)
RM 55 (adult-short hair)
RM 65 (adult-long hair)

Grooming Services included:

  • Basic Groom
  • Bath with Medicated Shampoo for Skin Problem

Duration of Grooming > 2.5 Hours 

*Special Offer:  10 % Discount For 6 Sessions

treated cat with anti fungus lay down on bed

Lion Cut Package
RM 100 (Dry Cut)

Services Included:

  • Full body shave and groom with the exception of the face, mane, legs, and tip of tail.
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Plus 50% Discount (RM 30) for  Bath with Specially Formulated Shampoo
  • Blow Dry

Lion cut is good for made cat pretty specially for long hair and cat with skin problem.

Duration of Grooming > 4 Hours

Full Body Trim Package
RM 120 (kitten)
RM 150 (adult)

Grooming Services included:

  • Basic Groom
  • Trim your long-haired cat and made tidy, short and clean.

Duration of Grooming > 4 Hours 

British short hair cat after cut hair
long hair cat sitting facing camera

Add on - Ala Carte Services

Services included:

  • Whitening Fur: For white or light colored cats using special shampoo and conditioner to bright your cat fur.

  • Trimming private parts of your cat
    and many more!
  • More and More

For more related question, kindly contact with our go staff for more info about our grooming service. 

The Best Grooming Services By Kitty Hotel

customer picture for review

Kuala Lumpur

” Saya sgt berpuasa hati dgn grooming service yg diberikan. Kucing-kucing saya sgt bersih dan wangi selepas grooming. Masa service yg diberikan juga tepat. “

customer picture for review cat grooming

Wan Azrul

Kuala Lumpur

“service memang memuaskan…layanan mcm 5star hotel..owner pn sngat friendly bnyak brkongsi info psal bulus..

Helmi Halin

Kuala Lumpur

 ” A simply budget cat hotel and nice experience. Value for money, So clean with well arrangements pet hotel.  “

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